This week at Diverse FM we have managed to get 3571 meals Out to people suffering financial hardship during this testing time Our road to this has been hard but our volunteers have been outstanding

Soon after the day lockdown was imposed, Diverse 102.8 FM based in Luton started receiving messages via email, sms and on its Facebook page from relatives living as far as Australia requesting if Diverse FM can help a vulnerable relative of their who lives in Luton alone and is in self-isolation due to their age or disability.

Initially, one of the trustee sourced and delivered food parcels out of his own pocket.

Soon realised the demand for delivering food parcels was getting much higher then he can sustain.

Immediately Diverse FM team of staff and volunteers started to raise funds and started delivering between 50-60 food parcels and other essential items, including Personal Protection Equipment to the most vulnerable members in the local community living alone or in hostels.

Diverse FM support was unique. It asked people to provide their required items, based on their dieatery and religious needs and accordingly staff sourced and delivered.
By the end of April Diverse FM has supported 62 individuals (this is mainly our learners), plus 78 vulnerable Families with providing weekly food parcels and other essential items.

Many of the families were referred to Diverse FM by family workers from local schools.

In addition, Diverse FM has also supported over 50 vulnerable people living in 2 Housing Association run hostel.

Diverse FM have also partnered with Discover Islam, Curry Kitchen, ASR and Community Interest Luton to provide food parcels and other essential items including PPE to local vulnerable people.

Through this partnership it has also delivered 300 hot meals to NHS staff at L&D.

Several local churches contacted Diverse FM with request to support with food parcels for a number of vulnerable people living within their parishes. Accordingly Diverse FM delivered food parcels, which they then delivered to support more than 100 families within their respective parishes.

Mehbub Koyes who coordinated the delivery said “despite our resource constraint we have done what we could to support our local community during this very difficult and challenging time. It is shocking to hear so many people has lost job and are strugling to buy basic food since the Covid 19 outbreak. Diverse FM has always stood by our local community in the past whenever the community faced challenges and this time is no exception.”

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