Bidding is now open to host the UKCRN National Community Radio Conference & the Community Radio Award

We are passionate about bringing the national conference and the awards to different parts of the country and we can't do that without the support of stations, cities, and other organisations.

We've created a formal bidding process and form, and for any station, organisation, or town/city that might be interested submit the EOI below and we can send you the form and start the conversation.

Things to note, while the conference and awards will be managed by their respective teams, we will be needing stations to help and support the event, especially with some of the initial leg work, we want to use your knowledge, experience, and contacts in terms of venues, catering, AV & production, hotels & accommodation, transport links etc.

Things that need to be considered:

A venue that can hold the conference of around 150 people (including breakout spaces) AND separate awards of around 250 people (either 1 big venue or 2 venues very close together).

Good value and local accommodation.

Easy transport links.

Relationships locally, local councils/tourist boards that can support the events, discounted travel, accommodation etc.

Deadline for the formal bid document to be submitted is the 30th of June.


Station or Organisation

Proposed location (city/town)


What are your initial ideas for hosting the conference and awards.

Connecting Communities National Conference

The second UK Community Radio Network took place in Bedford on Saturday 19th November.

During the day LBC presenter Iain Dale showed his support for the community radio sector, whilst other speakers include BBC Radio WM Executive Editor Patrick Hart, who shared his love for Community radio, Leona Fensome from Inkslingers Media, Rob Watson from the Decentered Media Podcast, Jim Trevelyan from the Voice North Devon, Alex Airnes from K107, Jeff Martin from Erewash Sound and many others.

Radio Academy Trustee Will Jackson, spoke on the work of the Radio Academy, including its plans for a new Community Radio category at the 2023 ARIAS.

The event would not be possible, without the support of Hippynet, PlayoutOne, Feature Story News, RadioToday, AutoPod, In:Quality, Copmedia and Devaweb.

So we can develop our conferences and events for the future please complete our feedback form below.

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Thanks to Autopod, recordings of all of the Connecting Communities National Conference sessions have been made available to listen again, for 12 months following the event.



The UK Community Radio Network National Conference will return in 2023.

The UK Community Radio Network is a registered Community Interest Company | Company Number: 13700623

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